Lucy Borrie.


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I started training in classical ballet at a very late age stage compared to most dancers but the minute I started, I knew that I belonged on the stage. I trained in all aspects of performing at the Northern Ballet School in Manchester to gain my degree in professional dance. Straight after graduating, I moved to Paris to work at Disneyland as a performer. I then moved to Spain where I performed at the Benidorm Palace.

“BalletBums couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I love how versatile the classes are and the fact that anyone, any shape and any size can participate and realise how great ballet is for the body and the mind.”

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“I am not a gym person but these are so much fun. Small class size and her expert tips makes these session so effective! If you’re looking to tone up, get some regular exercise, or just generally have fun with your workout then come and give this a try.”

— Anne

“Once you are at the barre that it is all you concentrate on, so all of the every day baggage has to be left at the door. Corrections are given without humiliation! I always feel energised after class and just wish I could start every day with 60mins in Emily’s studio!””

— Ellie