What is BalletBums?

  • Cardio based ballet workout.
  • Up beat and FUN ballet inspired workout.
  • Brings women together for a unique ballet fitness workout.
  • Stripped ballet of its seriousness and made it fun with up tempo music and trainers instead of ballet shoes.
  • Simple yet effective workouts so absolutely anybody can do them.
  • 45 min workout to target every bit of your body.
  • No experience needed.
  • No ballet shoes required.
  • Women keep coming back to BalletBums.
  • 4 years of commitment as experience so good.
  • Rekindle your childhood love for ballet or discover the beautiful art form.
  • Expertly chosen ballet exercises to get quick results which will keep you coming back for more.
BalletBums About What Is BalletBums?
BalletBums About Why Is BalletBums Different?

Why is BalletBums different?

  • Not a typical workout as you learn and perfect a new skill. By the end of the class you are performing mini ballet combinations.
  • Small classes make BalletBums feel more like a personal training experience as well as seeing much quicker results with hands on teaching.
  • Varied workouts every week to keep it interesting.
  • BalletBums is a tailored workout to your exact needs.
  • Small classes so you are taught closely to avoid injury.
  • Taught ONLY by trained classical dancers.

First ballet HIIT workout of its kind !!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every exercise can be modified to suit all sorts of injuries. However each injury will be assessed individually and discussed with the teacher on how best to adapt the class for your needs.

No experience is necessary for BalletBums. Very simple but effective exercises have been chosen especially so that anybody can join in with the workout. Complete beginners but also experienced dancers can benefit from these workouts with detailed demonstrations from your professionally trained teachers.

Starting with a 10 x min warm up, a 10 x min stretch, 30 x min workout made up of 3/4 workouts and then finally finishing with a couple of exercises on the floor and a cool down. Throughout the class, water breaks will be given.

For ‘Sweat with BalletBums’ trainers will be required and anything else that you feel comfortable in. Leggings and a t-shirt are most common. For “Tone with BalletBums’ bare feet, socks or ballet shoes and then again anything else comfortable that allows you to move.

BalletBums workouts are very easy to follow with qualified teachers giving very detailed demonstrations at all times. Each exercise can be modified to suit beginners or those with experienced. Small classes mean very hands on teaching and full attention given ensuring the class is safe at all times.

Maximum of 10 people per class which offers a much more personable experience.

Classes can vary in price depending on location and although BalletBums may feel a little more expensive than your average class, having only 10 people or less per class means a much more direct and personal teaching.

BalletBums is suited to a huge amount of people. Ages from 20 right through to 70 have experienced and benefited from BalletBums. Different BalletBums classes will appeal to different people but we have something for everyone. You don’t need any experience for these classes as very easy exercises have been hand picked so that they are easy to follow but will give the best results.

Every exercise can be modified to suit most injuries so that you don’t have to miss out. The teacher can discuss each individual injury to see what changes can be made to the exercises planned for that class or ongoing.