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BalletBums Classes Sweat

BalletBums is a ballet based fitness class designed by me so that absolutely anybody can do it. Women of all ages and standards. We’ve taken really simple ballet exercises and techniques to create a class that will leave you feeling toned and sweaty. We dance to upbeat music, wear trainers and the aim is to have fun whilst getting fit and to learn ballet in a fun and relaxed environment. It’s a class that will help general fitness, muscle tone, posture, coordination and flexibility.

We have a limited amount of people per class as we aim to give you as much attention as we can to ensure that the exercises are being done correctly, which in time will mean better results which is what we’re here for at the end of the day.

“Great energising class based on ballet steps. In a small group in a lovely studio which means you get full personal attention from Emily. Excellent fun workout that will give you legs and bums of steel!”

— Nathalie

General Fitness

Weight Loss

Muscle Toning

Improve Posture


Core Strength


BalletBums Classes Tone

Tone And Stretch is a class which is based on very simple ballet techniques and exercises and is suitable for all levels. It is a slightly calmer class than the cardio but that doesn’t mean you won’t still feel the burn.

The class is made up of a warm up, stretch and workout which can either be based at the barre or with floor work. This class will help improve muscle tone, flexibility and posture. We wear comfortable clothing, have calming music for an overall relaxing workout feel!

“As a member of the ‘over 50’s’ I would definitely recommend Emily’s classes to people of all ages. I never did ballet or any form of dance when I was young, and I learned that it is possible to improve posture, strength and flexibility as you get older. And it is really fun as well. I come out of my lesson feeling energised and two inches taller!”

— Stephanie

Low Impact

Barre Work

Muscle Toning

No Jumping


Improve Flexibility