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About Emily.

My name is Emily Whitehead and I worked professionally in London’s West End for over 10 years. I had the time of my life but in trying to earn an extra pound doing promo work and baby ballet assisting, I had always wondered what would come next? I had assumed that it would be my body that gave up on me first but the reason I stopped performing was due to an amazing ‘normal’ man I had met. I no longer wanted to work these un sociable hours as we were becoming ships in the night.
The dreaded question came quickly… “What the hell will I do next”? I needed to find work that would offer me an earning, enjoyment and would maybe even use my skill that I have trained my whole life for??? Hhmmmm not too tricky right???

So, I developed a new cardio ballet workout which I introduced to a small pool of women in South London…..and they absolutely loved it. Learning as I went, I managed to maintain an income of £2000 a month along side my job in We Will Rock You. It became the perfect crossover for me when the time came to hang up my dancing shoes. Little did I know that the show would close in just a few weeks and I would already have a committed list of clients coming regularly to BalletBums and my own growing business!!!

BalletBums History of BalletBums
BalletBums History of BalletBums

Since 2014, I have created and run a hugely successful class that some women have been coming to every week for 4 years. I no longer needed a second income as BalletBums was earning me £2000 a month having to only work 8 hours a week. I have every weekend to myself and absolutely love teaching these women. A studio where women come to lose themselves and have a laugh whilst learning a skill they’d always wanted to learn and have transformed their bodies in the meantime. BalletBums really is something special. Tapping into a gap in the market of thousands of women who are not gym goers but looking for a more personal and intimate workout, BalletBums sets itself apart from other fitness classes and has found its own niche.

With classes of only 8-10, the relationships built with these women are amazing and to be able to pass to them all of my knowledge learnt throughout all of my years of training and performing is wonderful.

With a workout created that keeps me fit and laughing AND doing what I’ve trained for, it couldn’t get much better. Plus, doing ballet in trainers to up beat music is way more fun than a regular ballet class!!

As the brand has grown through use of facebook and instagram, I’ve been contacted by women up and down the country and this is what gave me the idea to take BalletBums to them.

“BB has changed my life and can definitely change yours too.”

With huge demand up and down the country, I am now looking to expand and reach these women who are desperate for BalletBums classes but I can’t teach them all myself. I am now looking for more instructors to represent BalletBums in these other areas and join this exciting new movement which women and you will really really love!! I will give you everything that has taken me 4 years to learn in making this business a success… all you have to do is Love dance, love fitness and love people!

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