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I was born in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. At 3 years of age my dance life began. I decided I wanted to do ballet full time and my wish was granted. Getting to do what I love all day along with learning Pilates and anatomy, constantly broadened my knowledge and connection with my body which all played key parts in strengthening me as a dancer.

The experiences from living in such a remote part of Australia opened so many doors thanks to my ballet teacher. Her contacts were incredibly diverse which I am forever grateful. From invitations from the Australian Ballet School, to classes with the Company, moving on to classes with the Sydney Dance Company. Further experiences included masterclasses with world renowned professional dancers. I then spread my wings further and studied at the Western Australian Performing Arts (WAAPA) where I secured a place straight into second year for a Diploma of Performing Arts. Soon after I was selected through a worldwide audition to dance at the Moulin Rouge. On return to Australia I was employed by Tiny Tutu’s, a new concept for the kiddies.

The impact and connection that exists through dance and music is life changing. To share my national and international experience and knowledge with this new venture in Australia is so exciting!!

No matter where life takes me, I always find my way back to the dance floor. Dance encompasses all things that are special, the music is your cue, your curtain call and your escape to be you.

Ballet as we know it has been turned on its head, a unique creation.

Your body will feel worked and sweaty and will thank you later.

So Australia…are you ready for this extraordinary toning cardio HIIT??

It’s new, it’s fun, it’s BALLETBUMS!!

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“I am not a gym person but these are so much fun. Small class size and her expert tips makes these session so effective! If you’re looking to tone up, get some regular exercise, or just generally have fun with your workout then come and give this a try.”

— Anne

“Once you are at the barre that it is all you concentrate on, so all of the every day baggage has to be left at the door. Corrections are given without humiliation! I always feel energised after class and just wish I could start every day with 60mins in Emily’s studio!””

— Ellie