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Kate Bissinger has over 30 years of professional dance training, choreography, and performance experience. Kate has studied with various artists in and around Western New York including Susanna Newman, Randy James, Clyde Morgan, Santo Giglio, Kista Tucker and Jeanne Palmer-Fornarola. As a dance major at SUNY Brockport, she enjoyed the opportunity to study Fagan technique with principal dancers of Garth Fagan Dance.

Kate’s performance credits include Binkabi Dance (of Rochester), Kista Tucker’s “Facet V” and “Snow,” as well as other touring/performance groups, and her choreography won an award at the Western NY Dance Championships. Kate’s dance students have gone on to study dance at the university level, performed locally and regionally at various venues, and successfully pursued careers as professional dancers around the country. She holds a B.S. in Organizational Management from Roberts Wesleyan University, and a M.S. in Human Development from the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester.

Kate is currently the owner and director of Visions Dance Studio in Rochester, NY. and is thrilled to bring BalletBums “across the pond” as the first (and currently only) certified instructor in the United States. “At Visions, we believe dance is for everybody and every BODY and BalletBums fits perfectly into our mission!”

“I am thrilled to be able to offer Ballet Bums classes to the local community, it’s such a brilliant mix of fitness, skill and fun. All the best bits of ballet and not a leotard in sight!”

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“I am not a gym person but these are so much fun. Small class size and her expert tips makes these session so effective! If you’re looking to tone up, get some regular exercise, or just generally have fun with your workout then come and give this a try.”

— Anne

“Once you are at the barre that it is all you concentrate on, so all of the every day baggage has to be left at the door. Corrections are given without humiliation! I always feel energised after class and just wish I could start every day with 60mins in Emily’s studio!””

— Ellie